Hello, Nobody!

Hello! This is my first official blog post, and it only seemed right that it contain that observation. And it seemed wrong to dive in without some kind of preface… So: on this blog, I will record some of my thoughts about music, and tell you (nobody) about my escapades in the Boston music scene. These will come in the form of reviews, links, anecdotes, and pointless musings. At some point I will probably veer away from music and into my crippling nacho obsession. Also a possibility is Star Trek: The Next Generation, and my belief that Picard and Crusher are soulmates. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and HBO’s The Wire are also a good bet.

Consider yourself warned.

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One Response to Hello, Nobody!

  1. Jen says:

    Nice blog. I Am agonna subscribe. By the way do you needs Viagra? Many viagras for sale!!!!

    Ha ha, jk. Sorry I get so many spam commentors trying to post on my own blog that it only felt natural to pose as one for your first post’s first comment.

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    Best of luck! I’ll keep checking for new posts often.

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